Theme Sessions

From time to time Shannon Smith offers exclusive limited sessions for booking. We currently have 3 choices.

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Raw & Authentic

The purpose of this session is to show that you as your authentic self, no softened skin, no hiding parts of you, capturing the authentic and beautiful person you are, without any hindering. These sessions are intended to be liberating, help you rise to your next level of self-love and appreciation. They are for you to help your minds-eye see all the things you deem “flaws” in a new and enlightened way.

The inspiration for these was to recreate the feel of the treasured & historical rubensque style paintings. To show that every woman, regardless of size, shape, age, colour or lifestyle can hold space to be graceful, desired, sensual, sexual, and beautiful (both feeling & visual).


Black Wings

Due to popular request we are ordering couture Black Angel Wings. This is going to be an amazing opportunity to show that every body is worthy of being captured, celebrated, and to have a luxury experience.

These sessions will include the standard high quality experience with an additional Angel Wing set!  This session is an inclusive bundle of Session Fee + Collection fee.

As these sessions will be pre-sale only, we are offering 2 ways to purchase your dream session.

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Floral Sessions

“Every flower blooms on it’s own time”
It’s now your time to shine, grow, and bloom.

Floral Sessions
They are coming back and even better than ever. We have a secret elaborate setup we are still finishing for this set, it will be ready for October don't worry!

We capture every woman, regardless of body size, shape, age, colour, race, or lifestyle. We are your ultimate safe & caring female environment. We will boost your confidence, have you feeling great, and rebuild the fire within.