Finding Herself

Melanie came into the studio for her first session. She was was ready to find herself after loosing herself through motherhood and life events. She was ready to feel and see the sexiness that her husband sees in her. She gave herself permission to be unapologetically herself. To embrace her femininity, sensuality, and who she is as a woman.


Boudoir Is A Feeling

During Shelby’s natural session, with no hair or makeup styling, we took on an early morning feel and created a visual experience for you to view as well.
I am incredibly proud of Shelby for breaking down the barriers of boudoir with me and showcasing that boudoir is what is inside of you, natural or glammed up. Boudoir is a feeling, it’s an experience.


Boudoir Videography

Babe did you know you can add videography to your boudoir session?! YES, yes you can!

You will be directed by Shannon through every action and move. The pieces are then edited by Artist Shannon Smith to create a 1-2 minute clip of your experience.

This beautiful add-on will feature you and your experience and bring it to life in the most magical way.

This add-on service is $450 to any boudoir session.

More videos to come soon!