Raw & Authentic

Portrait Sessions


What is a Raw & Authentic Portrait Session?

The purpose of this session is to show that you as your authentic self, no softened skin, no hiding parts of you, capturing the authentic and beautiful person you are, without any hindering. These sessions are intended to be liberating, help you rise to your next level of self-love and appreciation. They are for you to help your minds-eye see all the things you deem “flaws” in a new and enlightened way.

Shannon will coach you through every pose, every emotional direction with intention. You will be coached during your reveal on how to give yourself space, compassion as you review yourself in a new way. Shannon will coach you how to rewire your brain so that you can work on achieving self-acceptance through imagery.

The inspiration for these was to recreate the feel of the treasured & historical rubensque style paintings. To show that every woman, regardless of size, shape, age, colour or lifestyle can hold space to be graceful, desired, sensual, sexual, and beautiful (both feeling & visual).

What did this session mean to Samantha?

I have admired Shannon’s work for the last year when a friend introduced me to it, and wanted to work with her so bad. When Shannon asked me to take part in a creative project, I was over the moon but anxious having never worked with a professional photographer. Immediately I felt welcomed in her studio, we broke down how the session would go and what I should expect and warmed up with some test shots with lighting and posing. 

I knew the moment she asked me to do this, I had to go in open-hearted and open-minded and at least try all of the poses she wanted to shoot and it was the best decision I could have made.

She really is an artist the way she gets you to pose, the small ways she gets you to respond emotionally for pictures to capture those small moments. 

And sitting down after with her to go through the pics, I know I could have trusted her to pick images with me but I wanted the experience of deciding how to view myself. It’s so much more than just a photo shoot. I have to say that.
My fiance always tells me I’m the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen when I have no makeup on and fresh from the shower and I always snort laugh because to me I never saw it.

But looking at those photos, being fully exposed and just raw was life changing. I sat there and cried because I finally saw what he did. And when I said no to a photo she’d ask why, to see what I saw because we see two different people.

She really got me to question my own internal fatphobic thoughts and love all my stretch marks, my arms, my chin, and my stomach; things I would normally say have no value. It was a life changing experience, there is no other way to put it.

It wasn’t about seeing myself as sexy, it was about loving all parts of me and owning it. Being the most confident version of myself. 

I can’t recommend Shannon and her services enough, one of the best things I have ever done.

Samantha M.


Interested in seeing yourself in a raw & authentic style?

Session includes:
2 hour photo session in studio location
Prep guide
Same Day Reveal
*Images & Products are sold separately.

All inclusive Collection Sale for this session type only:
Session + 25 Digital Images: 1875+gst

In-house payment plans available. Please inquire.