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Body & Self Image workshop

  • Artist Shannon Smith Deer Ridge Calgary Canada (map)
Self & Body Image Workshop
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Self & Body Image Workshop

Body & Self Image Workshop Sept 14 & 15th.
Location: Shannon's SE Calgary Studio
Participants: Max 6 women (age 16+ )
Included: Life changing day, Swag bags, notebook/journal, food & drink When it comes to body image, self awareness and working on the hard things is required, why? because body image is rarely about the body but internal workings. We are complex beings and everything is related.

During this workshop we will be doing active discussions, learning new tools, connecting and supporting one another. We will have activities to do as well.


• What is self love? Body image?

• What would your future look like if you loved your self & body?

• Where does it start?

• Breaking down body myths and how we've been lied to

• How can you love yourself?

• Owning your shit

• How do detach from our worth being tied to a weight or clothing size?

• How to accept changes in our bodies (aging, pregnancy/post-partum, illness)

• How do we develop our self-worth foundation?

• Getting Lost to find ourselves

• How to be okay if others do not like you

• What is self care? How to implement

• What does living a body positive life look like?

• Whole Body Mindfulness (Mind, Body, Soul, etc).

And More!

Are you ready to learn how to overcome hurdles in your self & body love journey? How to start loving yourself & release the negative/hate? Are you ready to develop a new narrative?

I'm Ready
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