Artist Shannon Smith Studios

In 2018 we opened our first studio after years of renting space. This space is our residential home that we have transformed to give the luxury experience and feel our clients feel while also having a grounding feeling that is very much the persona of your photographer, Shannon.

Clients have been raving about how much they like the colours, the feel, and how much they enjoy knowing they are coming into a comfortable safe space. This is the upmost importance to us.

Sam, the friendly black lab, will happily great you at the door (please let us know if you are scared of dogs, we will make other arrangements for him) where he is both greeter but also has become a support dog in so many ways. He often feels the nerves and anxiousness of our clients and after his excited greeting will invite you in and be your calm support throughout your experience, he may even try to photobomb your session or ask for a selfie.

Shannon is known for her hugs, the moment you walk in she will give you a big hug (if you like them) and welcome you into have a seat, get you a drink (coffee/tea/water/juice). Most people describer her as welcoming, fun and bubbly, and grounding. She loves to laugh and have fun with the clients while they are in hair and makeup and get to know more about them.

Leanne, our Makeup Artist, will chit chat with you the entire time you are in hair and makeup. She knows what you are about to do, understands your nerves and is there to calm you and empower you in more ways than just having your makeup done.

The studio colours are green and gold on one side and grey and marble on the the other, so do keep in mind the colours while you’re picking out your outfits as some colours will clash (Shannon recommends earthy/jewel toned colours, please stay away from bright colours not only will they clash but they don’t translate well onto camera).

Shannon has over 150 outfits for you to choose from, ranging from xs-6x. Whether it is a bodysuit or a gown, she has you covered! She also has numerous exciting accessories like body jewelry, fishnets, and other fun things she finds! The closet is always changing and growing.

If you’d like to know more about our Studio Policies before booking, please go here.

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