Mother Daughter Portrait Sessions


In today's busy life, how often do we put our phones down, look at each other, and truly spend a quality day together being in the present moment connecting?

The joy of Adult Mother Daughter Portraits, is that it gives you the opportunity to reconnect, have a ladies day, and truly capture the bond you have in an authentic way.

These sessions came out of a place of passion for me. As you may have known, I did start my photography journey as a family photographer then I had moved into specializing into boudoir. However I did step away from family photography for a time, and found not many women have their images taken as adults with their mother. You're asking so why the passion Shannon? My own mother is battling Stage 4 Breast Cancer, a fight she will one day lose, and I think it is absolutely important to capture every memory possible with her. She is my best friend, and I want not only her to be captured in images, but our connection and our relationship. We often take these moments for granted until we are smacked in the face with the knowledge that this life is cut way too short and that when our time is over that the one thing that will live on forever for generations to come are our portraits. This is why I am passionate to capture the unique and beautiful bond between mother and daughter.

This experience is one in which they can set time aside, the day revolving fully around them, and allow them to reconnect and share memories and the love they have for one another.
Together we will create a session that is MORE than the images.

We typically start makeup and hair at 9am and finish the shoot around 1:30. You will break for a lunch for 1.5 hours, return for your Reveal session, which is when we review all the images from the day and you purchase the collection you are interested in.

These sessions individual portraits each and images of you both together which are both physically and emotionally directed.

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Mother Daughter Portrait Experience

Session Experience Includes:
1 hour Studio Session
Access to client Closet
Prep & Style Guides
Same Day Reveal
*Print and digital product is available for purchase in addition to the session fee
425 + gst

Professional Hair & Makeup Artist with Luxury Mink Lashes applied: 140 per person, payable to Makeup Artist at time of session. Please note we have a full section dedicated to teach you about this add-on service here

Same Day Reveal

We do same day reveals, so you do not have to wait for weeks to see your images! After your session I will send you for lunch, during this time I will take about 200-400 images and weed through them meticulously to a final showing gallery of 35-70 Images. I will fully edit 2-3 images and colour correct the rest for you to view. This takes about an 1-1.5 hrs to do, we will agree that you come back after lunch so that we can view your images together!

We will speak about how you are feeling from your session and how to view your images in a body positive way. We will favourite all the images you love, choose the products for your order.

From this point I will take a couple weeks to fully edit all your images that you selected, order the products. It does take a few additional weeks from this point to receive your dream products. Once they arrive I will be in touch so that you can pick them up!

To learn more about products and min purchase, please go here:

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