Mom Bod

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Calling all moms!!!

I am doing my long awaited "mom bod" project. My personal body acceptance journey started full-tilt when I became a mom. From the moment I saw my belly grow I knew I had to learn to accept my body to give the little one inside a fair chance at loving himself.

It was a roller-coaster journey for me, one that I know many women go on. Personally I went from from loving my plus size pregnancy tummy (first time ever at that time), to fighting back against the pressures of bouncing back to my old body (because that shit isn't real folks, you will NEVER be the same unless you change back the hands of time), and learning to accept a plus size mom bod (which you don't see in media often) and loving the body in which I am in today.

This project has been one of which had been on my mind for years now, and I finally feel it's time to out into real action.

My heart and soul lights up when I get to help momma's accept the biological function and change about their body due to motherhood. There is an incredible change that happens with mothers.. not only physical, I am speaking about a full body change - mental, emotional, soul and last but not least physically. As a Body Image Activist, I am on a mission to show other women, other mom's that the mom bod is worthy of love and acceptance right now. Without bounce-back. That whether you are wearing a large size pant, smaller, or the same, that your worth does not sit on that number tag. I plan on showing beautiful and tasteful images of mothers that all women can relate to, representing all shapes, sizes, races, and ages.

This project will be black and white photos of mothers either nude or in black bra/panties, choice is yours. You will have 5 minutes in-front of the camera where I will be capturing YOU. The results will be shared on a public platform so that other mothers can see our project and learn that moms come in all shapes & forms! And that we are all worthy of being captured!

Whether you are currently pregnant, in post partum, have a toddler, or teen, you can take part in this project!

This project will be taking place on March 8 & 9 in 10 min time-slots. Makeup Artist will not be provided. Makeup is not a must, but is welcomed if it represents you.

If you are interested in taking part, please fill out the form below.
We will be in touch soon!