Mom Bod Awareness Project

Artist Shannon Smith, BOPO Project, Calgary, Mom Bod

How often do you see a representation of your body as a mom in the media?

We have a problem in the media that only marginalized bodies - white woman, thin bodied, bounce back, no stretch marks - is represented in mainstream media. As a new mom I had a war on my body after birth during my 4th trimester/post-partum stage. I thought it let me down! I didn’t “bounce back”, I had stretch marks, I was dealing with complications, of a c-section roll/scar I had never seen depicted in media.
Just because my body isn’t represented in mainstream media doesn’t mean my body failed me, neither has yours. It’s the media’s story of motherhood and post partum that has!

On Sept 8th @10am at Mallard Point we are going to challenge the media’s representation of mom bod. All bodies, sizes, shapes (let me be clear thin to large bodies and everything in between are welcome!), cultures, and lifestyles are welcomed!
All mothers welcome - mothers of loss, adoption, surrogacy all welcome!

Please RSVP below for planning purposes:

Mom Bod RSVP

The Mom Bod Project is happening on Sept 8th, 10am at Mallard Park, Fish Creek Park, by the river.
Note: there is quite a dip to get down to the river, a path but it’s not paved/slight steep.
Cost: FREE!
Public event, bring all your friends!
What to wear: Undergarmets or swimsuits/bodysuits, whatever you are comfortable in!
Children are allowed at this event, and can be in the photos.
If children not in photos, please bring someone to watch the kiddo while you are busy.

We will be doing group photos and single images.

I'll be in attendance!