When I was invited to Shannon’s Group, I was just amazed by her attitude and the pictures and the women in the group. I felt like it would be really great for me to see myself with the extra weight, as beautiful. I wanted to show myself that I could be beautiful just the way I was. 

I was so nervous I had to talk myself out of an anxiety attack as I was leaving the house. As soon as I got in the door to Shannon’s it was like a wave of relief washed over me, Sam (Shannon’s super friendly ‘therapy’ lab) came up and became my best friend and I completely relaxed. It was an incredible experience, and I can’t wait to do it again.

When I was ready for my reveal, I thought for sure I wouldn’t like my images, that I would focus on all the things that I don’t like about myself, but Shannon helped my see the big picture and look at myself almost for the first time! I actually had a tough time settling on my photos, because I love so many of them.


I really enjoyed the session as it proved to me that I am truly beautiful and that my thoughts of what others may think of me really don’t matter. Looking at the photos and the response from them made me crave more. 

This session made me feel empowered and that I could truly conquer anything at hand. Even if it may seem scary and may not feel natural, still try and you will soon find out that most things we do in life is blocked by our thoughts that our mind creates. As soon as you get past that block A whole new world of self love and worth opens up. 
I can’t wait to book another session as my journey and life continues. 


Most women including myself struggle with body image issues. This was a bit of a game changer for me. Prior to this I could not understand what my husband saw in me always telling me I am sexy and other compliments. I came into this thinking these pictures would be for him. Came out realizing these pictures were way more for me than I ever expected. I am sexy! I can now see what my husband sees in me and not feel so unsure of my sensual side. It also was great going over the pictures with Shannon she really helps you to see the beauty in yourself both inside and out.


My boudoir shoot with Shannon has changed me. I now look at myself with more love and kindness. As a Mom of 4 children, I went through the thoughts of "I shouldn't be doing this, I'm a Mom!" Well, this shoot has been one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I always put someone else before myself. It was hard to turn that thinking off during my session. Shannon was so easy to talk to, I voiced that concern (she picked up on it as well) and we worked through it. I felt like I could relax and concentrate on me for the first time in what felt like forever. She is so genuine and it radiates from her, she was so comforting and supportive. Her laugh was the best♡

It would be a lie to say I wasn't worried about how I was going to look when they time came to reveal them. That worry went away and I was beaming when I saw how sexy I looked! Seriously so hot! I had such a hard time narrowing down my final photos because I looked so good in all of them!! 
My experience with Shannon has empowered me. I walk a little taller. I see myself in a new light. I absolutely encourage you to book with Boudoir


I chose Shannon because I predicted she would be respectful and professional during the session. I was correct in my assessment but truly Shannon went above and beyond my expectation.

The journey begins long before you hear the click of the camera. Shannon invests a lot of time and energy in each person and their motivations for heir session.

I was nervous but all fears were abated once she laughed. The photos are ones with an energy from myself I never was able to capture prior to that day. One that is relaxed as well as intense, saucy and at peace moments later. 

If a photographer were trying to capture what your heart or sole was trying to convey through the lens, it would be Shannon.

Lastly the viewing was the perfect finale to the session. Still respectful and professional though non pressure filled it truly is a gift you give yourself, in a world so eager to take.


I happened to see some of Shannon's images and I was drawn to her work. I researched her boudoir sessions and could immediately tell that this was something I needed in my life. From the minute I reached out to her, she was genuine and open. And it is because of all the care that Shannon provided throughout my experience that I was able to strip down and bare myself for the camera. I'm not going to lie, it was sometimes awkward and often had me wondering how the heck that pose was going to translate, but mostly it was just joyful. And fun. And silly. We laughed and shared stories and spent a fabulous afternoon together. It was truly magical.

But honestly nothing was as mind blowing as my reveal day. My images started to dance their way across Shannon's computer and I couldn't hold back the tears. I was seeing myself in a way I had never before and I was awed by what I saw. It was just so much to take in and process that I was grateful to have Shannon there with me. Together we selected my favourite 20 images which are going to be made into a gorgeous book. I can't wait to see them in print! 

This shoot has gifted me with so much. I feel more empowered and capable in undertaking my journey toward self acceptance. And I am starting by stripping down my layers-literally! I mean it's hotter than Hell this summer, so it seems like an ideal time to embrace wearing less and living more!


When I did my shoot I was emotionally not in the best place, but Shannon made me feel me again. She was able to push my negative thoughts I had about myself and my life out of my mind and I felt on top of the world. The pictures she took made me feel so much better in my own skin, the vision she has about how to get the best out of you is remarkable. And how she gets these pictures done that you see after, well I looked like a different person, I never thought of showing me off like this, but I now I can't get enough of it. Thanks for this experience, it will stay with me for the rest of my life.
And ladies, we should never say we are too old, we are all beautiful in our own way and Shannon has the magic to show us how magnificent we are.


My boudoir session was 10 years in the making. I looked at images photographers had taken many times and felt like I could never be as beautiful or sexy as the people photographed. I was never going to be enough for that kind of photography. People would laugh or Mock me. Who did I think I was? Even till up to my session I was still obsessively dieting trying to fit into a mold that might look appealing. In fact a few weeks before I lost that resolve and almost cancelled my session.

But Shannon is no regular photographer. Her fierce desire to bring self love to everyone shines through all of her communication. When I contacted her about my fears she took the time to really hear me. And while I found my own self-worth through my own journaling and conversations with myself, she provided inspiration and a sounding Board for some feelings I’d been hiding from for a long time. In the end I went through with my session and rocked it! I am completely worth it at any size. I am worth it happy, I am worth it sad, I am worth it in all my states because they are all me and I am worthy in all of them. This session really brought that to light the most. I am worth it no matter what version of me I am currently in. And when I look at my images now, the ones I know that she has not altered to be something else I can look at those images and revel in the beauty with immense pride. She has forever changed me and I will always be eternally grateful


Seeing the amazing work that Shannon had done and wanting to do something fun for my husband as a gift. But it turned into so much more than that! Such an amazing experience! My heart is bursting!

Annonymous, Boudoir Session

My experience with Shannon and Boudoir Moments was so great from start to finish (and beyond). I was not at all certain I wanted to do a boudoir shoot, but I joined her private Facebook group and I'm so glad I did. It helped me realize what a positive, empowering and exciting experience it could be. Of course I wanted to lose 10-15 lbs, tone up, have more money at my disposal... I had so many reasons not to do it. But let's be honest, older bodies don't tend to get perkier with time! My 10 year wedding anniversary was coming up and it was the perfect time.
As soon as I signed up, Shannon was a guide for me. She was a sounding board for all my questions, of which there were many. After booking I started buying sexy lingerie to wear for the shoot - and they felt damn good to wear!
I was nervous for my session. Butterflies. But once I had my hair and makeup done (beautiful, thanks to Michelle Carbonneau), I felt ready, and started to shed my fears - and clothes!
Shannon is very experienced at guiding and posing people to look their best. She knew all of my insecurities and my "problem areas" and helped me portray them in the best possible way. She showed me photos as we went, to reassure me they looked good - and that continued to build my confidence! I felt completely supported and safe in her hands and her lense.
Shannon worked hard to get me a sneak-peek photo before my anniversary, which was just a short time later. My husband was surprised... more like shocked, and he loved it! As did I. It was a gorgeous photo. It made me so excited to see the rest.
The rest of the photos were presented to me during my reveal. By this time, I was 90% excited and 10% anxious. I knew Shannon had taken some photos which really put me outside my comfort zone - how would those look?? Stunning!!! I loved them all. It was impossible to just choose a few favourite. She has an amazing talent for editing to highlight beauty, not to change a person into someone else. And those shots I was worried about? LOVE them!
And needless to say, those ones are my husband's favourites too.
My husband and I are still in the process of choosing which ones to print. It's a hard choice for both of us.
I allowed Shannon to share some of my photos on the private Facebook group, and the feedback was so positive and supportive and warm - what a confidence boost! I love being part of the group still, because I love giving that same love and support to other women who have done, it or are thinking of doing it. When you land on such and amazing experience, you want to share it with others!
One of the unexpected gifts I received from this experience is loving my body as-is. I have only ever looked at it with a critical eye. I'm learning to look at myself with love and appreciation.
I hope this helps others take the plunge. You won't regret it!

Husband's Perspective, Boudoir Testimonial

As fan of pop culture movies, Shannon's Boudoir photography of my wife made me feel like I had a sneak peek at one of the beautiful dancers from the Moulin Rouge. I was pleasantly surprised and intrigued by how personal and erotic these pieces of art were. I would highly recommend Shannon's work to any woman wanting to blow away their hubby

Jeannette M.

This incredible business promotes empowering women and encourages self love, building confidence and even pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to make it all happen!!!

Heather A.

It was an incredible experience. These are images I will treasure forever. It may be a gift for my huband, but it was truly a gift to my soul. So empowering to look at images of yourself and think I look incredible. You were excellent at guiding me and making me feel comfortable and beautiful. I LOVE them!! Anyone on the fence, do IT! 

Anonymous, Boudoir Session

Ok this might sound a bit crazy but, ever since I booked my session with Shannon, I've felt... different. I haven't even had my session yet, but I'm already looking at myself differently, carrying myself differently. Realizing I can be a mom and be sexy too. I bought a few items of sexy lingerie for the shoot, and originally I had it tucked away in a bag at the back of my closet, waiting for the photo shoot. But now I'm actually WEARING IT! Wowza! I had forgotten what a sexy pair of undies can do to the way you carry yourself!

Tammy S.

For the past 35 years, I have always put someone else first. Children, ex-husband, family, friends etc, the thought of doing something for myself was a foreign concept. I was given an opportunity to put myself first and it terrified me. When I started on this journey of self-discovery I never thought I would end up where I did.

When Shannon and I did my reveal, you can see my expression go from fear and sadness to genuine smiles. Shannon gave me the opportunity to be myself. The loving, sensual person I have kept hidden all these years for fear of exposing my pain. This opportunity also gave me the confidence to confront my past. Thank you Shannon.

Rachelle N.

I recently had a Boudoir session with Shannon and I was nervous going in, with her guidance, professionalism her upbeat personality I walked out of there with new found confidence and a pep in my step. She made the whole process from start to finished fun, enjoyable and positive. She knows how to position a woman’s body to emphasize all the parts that you love. When I went to do my revile I was worried I would only like a couple, well I came out of there and loved all my photos! She did an amazing job and I can’t wait to do a follow up session with her! 

Julie K.

This is something that I have always wanted to do but I never had the confidence to do it. It wasn’t just as a present for my fiancee as a Thank you for bringing out the real me but also as a present for myself. It was a fun and amazing time. Shannon is an amazing artist with the camera and makes you feel totally at ease when having the pictures taken.

Kromm Wedding

Right from our first meeting, Shannon was amazing. She's so friendly and an absolute pleasure to work with. You can tell that she has a passion for what she does, and just has fun with it. For our wedding this July, she completely immersed herself within our families, made herself at home, and truly did an amazing job. The absolute best photographer, and person, we could have asked for!

Quackenbush Wedding

Shannon made my daughter’s wedding alive in our hearts forever. Her joyful personality loved that my daughter was having a Steampunk wedding and she captured the uniqueness and beauty of the day in the numerous photos she took. First, she met with my daughter, son-in-law and I and carefully went through the details of the day, the family shots we wanted, the family shots to avoid (exes, etc.), and who/what we wanted highlighted. She was absolutely omnipresent at the ceremony and not only followed the plan to a T, but photographed candids and decor that would have been forgotten. The expressions on the guests’ faces were delightful, and the scenic areas for photoshoot settings were perfect. I cannot recommend her enough. When the abundant number of photos came in and then a video with a compilation of the photos to music, we were thrilled. Thank you, Shannon (and your assistant!) for all your work, flexibility, foresight, and raw talent.