Boudie Call Application
Boudoir Moments by Shannon Smith

Hello gorgeous girl!

Wanna be a Boudie Babe for Boudoir Moments? Read on for more info and to learn how to formally apply.

Current Boudie Call requirements:

  • Woman of Colour, Natural Hair

  • Same sex (female) couple

  • Gay male

  • Maternity & Post Partum (February/March birth)

What Is A Boudie Call?

As a creative entrepreneur, I find it super important to continue my education, try new ideas and keep my creative juices flowing. 
When I get inspired or want to try something new, I put out a Boudie Call, which is a themed photo shoot at a discounted rate in exchange for a signed full model release so I can have fun new images to share on social media, my website or for other fun things (they will be used at my own discretion).

I have to sign a what..?

A model release is a little contract that gives me permission to use your likeness (i.e. the photos from your shoot) in my portfolio, social media, marketing materials and whatever else I may need them for.

BUT...What if I change my mind later on?
Say we do the shoot, your images are gorgeous and I use them for my site (just an example!). Then you decide you'd really like to keep them private. Totally fine- BUT, because you receive a discount in exchange for letting me use your epic images, that isn't super fair. If you want to retract your full release, no prob babe, but you'll be required to pay the current session fee price in full.

Why should I book a shoot?

Artist Shannon Smith, Calgary Boudoir Photographer, Model Call, Boudie Call,
  1. Cause everybody likes to feel like a rock star! Playing dress up in sexy lingerie (or a comfy vintage tee, or whatever your style is) is the perfect opportunity to do just that!

  2. It's super empowering. Yes, really. You get to embrace your sexuality and your bangin' bod in a safe environment. Whenever you have doubtful moments or are just having a shitty day, this experience and the photographs you take home will be a reminder that YOU ARE AN AMAZING BAD ASS BABE.

  3. Love, do it for yourself. You don't need a "special someone". Yes, the photos make a great gift, but it's way more powerful if you go into it to celebrate your body as a woman.

  4. But but but... I want to lose weight first. NOPE. STAAAAAHP. Seriously. You do NOT need to lose weight before a shoot. This experience will help you love your body as it is right now. Trust me. I'm a plus size babe myself and ya know what? I've done multiple boudoir shoots of my own and I have NEVER felt sexier, even though I'm at my highest weight.. and I've definitely never regretted it. It is so important to celebrate yourself!

  5. You'll have a tangible reminder of how fucking FIERCE you are. Every babe needs that.

What's in it for me?

Kimberly Dawn Beckett Model Boudoir Calgary Photography
  1. Access to my exclusive lingerie and prep guides- these babies are super helpful in planning your session!

  2. Free rental from the lingerie closet, which includes sizes XS to 4XL. Please keep in mind, if you rent any lingerie, you MUST wear have a thong to wear underneath, so bring both a nude and a black thong- Walmart is a great place to snag these for cheap

  3. Expert pose & expression coaching by Shannon. I gotchu girl. I am very educated in posing and coaching- and I'm constantly learning more!

  4. One image viewing & ordering appointment (same day as session). This is when you get to see your killer photos! YAY!! Remember, you'll have a $150 credit to apply to any purchase you make. This is the ONLY time you will be able to purchase images or products from this session. I do have payment plans to suit your budget.

  5. A 45 min boudoir photo shoot featuring our theme, plus one or two other outfits (pulled from our lingerie closet or your own that you bring).

  6. Expert pose & expression coaching by Shannon.

  7. Makeup & Hair Artist is at your expense. Payment is 120 and payable directly to the makeup artist upon booking.



The Rules
Sorryyyy, nobody likes them, but, they exist for a reason.

  1. For legal reasons, you MUST be over the age of 18. ID will be required if you look younger that 21. Don't get me in trouble girl!

  2. You have to be willing to sign a full model release. Boudie calls = a way for me to have awesome images to share, so you gotta let me. If you aren't down with sharing, let's get you booked for an Empowerment Session

  3. You have to pay your session fee ($200) within 24 hours of being offered the opportunity. Time is of the essence girlfriend!

  4. Yes, there is still a cost involved. Please keep in mind that there is a $979 minimum purchase at your ordering appointment, but also remember you'll have a $150 print credit to apply to your order, and that I do offer Payment Plans as well should you be in need for this option.



Are you ready to book your life changing boudoir experience?
Let's get you booked babe!

I'm only accepting a few Boudie Babes for this opportunity. I don't want you to miss out!

To apply, simply fill out the form below! I will be in contact with those selected shortly!