Overcoming Obstacles

My dear friend Steph Fudger wrote me one night and told me all about her experience with a hike that she had recently and I asked for her approval to post about her story.
Steph shows great vulnerability in her writing, in sharing her experience one in which I believe many women can relate. Have you ever tried something new just because you wanted to? Often when we do something physical it’s effects are not only in that physical manifestation but in the mental and emotional as well. We as humans are NOT just 1 facet people, we are multi-faceted where everything is connected. So while pushing yourself one way (in a kind loving manner of course) we can feel those effects in other areas as well. When trying something new we don’t automatically succeed either, which many attribute to failure, which is one reason people do not try new things. Why we don’t get out of our comfort zone - what if I suck at it? What if I fail? Girl you won’t know unless you give it a try! Trying something new and not being a pro at it on the first try is NOT failure! If you enjoy even an aspect of it, then try again you can only get better! Do you think Serina Williams woke up one day and was a natural tennis player? No! She has spent her entire lifetime working on her skills. Go try, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and simply enjoy. You got this babe!

Stephanie's Adventure, Rising Up

So this morning, I woke up (I say woke up lightly because I had a total of 3 hours, interrupted sleep last night due to what I think may have been over stimulation the day before. More on that later.) with the bright idea to go for a hike.

Now I did what any one of you would do, being a complete novice, I googled “easy hikes Bragg Creek”. Great, got a suggestion and slowly got myself ready to go with the boyfriend and faithful little dog Maggie in tow. I’d always want to explore the Bragg Creek area and was really excited to actually have a plan in motion to get out there.

Then it began. The first little bit was great. I was ahead of W, bustling him along. Maggie was living her best life stopping and sniffing all the smells left behind by other doggos and their people. The first incline hits. I made it up, trying to catch my breath in the process. Go a couple hundred feet to find out that we’re not even on the Fullerton Loop yet. Continued walking until the trail forked. We went left where the sign pointed and the inclines prevailed. With each that came, I had to stop more and more frequently to catch my breath, reminding myself that I am not an experienced hiker and I am way out of my comfort zone, so it’s okay to stop when I need to. W had been very gracious with me and reminded me that there was no shame in turning around and going back down, but I knew I would be more upset with myself for going back to the car and this not be a competed mission. At this point, we were only the first quarter-half upside.

Then we got up about half way up one side of the mountain, and that’s when it started. My Fitbit was reading my heart rate at 150, I couldn’t breathe after many attempts with my inhaler and continuously slowing down. What ensued after was a complete mental break down on the side of this mountain. I had not expected for my body to be in such a challenging position on a freaking mountain. The thoughts and feelings that were pulsing through my body were so uncontrollable that all I could do was stand there and sob. I was so angry at myself for letting my body become so weak that I couldn’t handle a few inclines. I was upset that all I could think about was turning around and saying fuck it. My body hurt so much I didn’t think I was going to overcome it, sweat coming from every orfice, fold and crease in my body. I was facing this internal storm and trying to work through it embracing every moment and asking myself “why am I feeling this way?”

Spoiler alert: it’s because I’ve never, ever, done anything of the likes. Or physically challenged myself so hard where there was no other option than pushing through. I tried to focus on how accomplished I would feel when I made it to the top and back down again.

Guess what? I made it. Guess what else? It sparked a conversation with some friends that were going to try again together, and something confirmed to be considerably more easy than what google had told me. So I’m going hiking again, which is incredibly surprising thinking about it now when I was having a melt down I was swearing to myself never again.

I came, I saw, I conquered. Feel your emotions, listen to your body, and you can literally be on top of the world.

- Picture #1 is when I was still optimistic about how novice the trail was.

-Picture #2 is after said break down. That is the fakest ass smile. I asked W to capture it so I would be able to recall how I was feeling.

- Picture 3&4 is the accomplishment of making it to the top. It really was a gorgeous view.

- Picture 5 is showing how awesome my little dog was for dealing with my nonsense, and the view of W’s butt that I appreciate so much.

Thanks for reading. I truly do hope that someone who needs to sees this and can challenge themselves and overcome, because it is entirely possible.

Steph Fudger