Capturing the Intimacy of Love

I am all about female empowerment, it bleeds in me and in my business as a boudoir photographer. I will be honest, I don’t have a huge want at this time in my life to want to capture men, not because they don’t need it, but it’s not where my head is at right now, maybe one day, but not today. I really wanted to capture the intimate nature and love of a couple though, so I put out a model call for a same sex lesbian couple. Well I had the 2 most perfect women step up and put their trust in me to capture them.
What an amazing couple. One woman (the blonde lady you will see, we will call her “Jessica” for the sake of this blog) was EXTREMELY nervous at the notion of me capturing her. So the other lady (brown haired lady you will see later who we will name “Olivia” for the rest of the blog) asked me to do a video chat. Right away I adored them, the connection of there love was apparent even as we chatted, Jessica looked at Olivia for reassurance, Olivia gently rubbed Jessica’s leg and said she believed in her. You could tell they supported and loved each other to the depths of their beings. I chatted and joked with them, explained my vision. Jessica though still very nervous said she was going to put her trust in me and do it. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was, as I KNEW they were going to be epic to capture.

The days got closer, I studied and educated as much as I possibly could before the date. I was so beyond ready for them to come into the studio. The ladies did their prep as well, outfits and supporting one another and reaching out to me for questions from time to time.
Arriving with a suitcase and hangers like they were staying for a month (haha, most people do this and I truly think it’s so cute), they got ready, shook of the nerves and jumped right in.

I would pose them into the look I wanted and then ask them prompts as I emotionally directed them, or ask them to do certain things as well. Lots of, “don’t kiss yet!” was said lol. But these 2 in many instances were just left to be themselves once I had them where I wanted them. I gave them the safety and the freedom to be themselves and express their love as they desired. As the session moved forward, they got more relaxed, they felt no judgement which allowed them to be more free, and they we joked around so much as well, it was a ton of fun!

I think because I knew how nervous Jessica was, her response to the experience was the most impactful for me. I understood her fears, and seeing her grow in-front of me during the session, but also during the reveal was absolutely wonderful.

To tell you the kindness these two have in their hearts and how how beautiful their souls are, they left for their lunch break and said that they felt bad because they should have taken Sam (my family dog) for a walk. What kind people to think of him, totally not needed, but so kind this thought! I always say, Sam steals the show and I’m pretty sure everyone loves him more than me haha!

We sat during their reveal, chatted in general but also about body & self image. Jessica has Vitiligo and was a bit nervous about seeing and accepting this part of her. I think she is beautiful and this part of her is as worthy of love as the rest of her (mind, body, soul) and Olivia expressed many times in the session that this was something she loved about Jessica as well.

Olivia was a lot more open and accepting about her self image, she was eager to have her love captured with her partner. Her reaction to this experience left me in tears & laughter (because she’s such a funny woman). I can’t wait for you to read what they had to say below!

These 2 incredible woman are getting married in the September, and I want to say an early: I wish you a future of the happiness <3 .

Please, join the journey of Jessica & Olivia, both in writing and via their amazing images.
Thank you,

Shannon Smith

Olivia & Jessica in their own words:


What was your #1 motivator in having a boudoir session with me?: My fiance had connected with you online and was very excited about having some unique intimate photos of the two of us.

In 3 words or less, how would you describe your session with me?: Fun, casual, light.

Would you recommend having a boudoir session to your friends?: Absolutely.

How often do you look at your images/product?: Daily

Would you do another session with me?: Yes I would love to.

My fiance had connected with Shannon online as she was looking for a same-sex couple to feature. I needed a little (a lot) of persuading but eventually agreed to participate. Shannon was very welcoming and warm, she made us feel comfortable and at home in her studio immediately. The session was very casual and lighthearted, and Shannon was very respectful and understanding of areas I thought I may have been uneasy with initially. We had a lot of laughs during our shoot, and in the end it was a very enjoyable experience which captured some beautiful and unique moments between my fiance and I. I'd definitely recommend Shannon to anyone. She also has a great dog that likes to hang out during the shoot - obviously a bonus.


I know “Jessica” already sent you her thoughts, but I have to thank you so much for everything! I have been looking at the pictures non-stop since you sent them. I’m not much of a crier…but I was looking at a few last night and then the whole gallery today with tears in my eyes, feeling all the emotions. You captured us beautifully. I felt so close to “Jessica” after the shoot and we just had such a nice evening riding the wave of how comfortable we felt with you and how much love we have for each other.