A Rose and Tulip

As a Boudoir and Empowerment Photographer, I hear a lot of stories, woman’s stories of their journey’s, what they are going through and what they have been through. I hear and sometimes meet with them in their journey when they are at their lowest, and sometimes when they are at their highest, but there’s on thing that is always the same…. A woman is strong, powerful, beautiful, and we are a breed all of our own.

At time we think we are different from one another, so different that we are alone in this big giant world, but I can tell you now that you are never alone my dear, ever. If you reach your hand out, many will connect with you, tell you they have felt that way as well. They will tell you they thought they were the only one who is experiencing “this”.

When I tell each client she’s beautiful, or show her images in my group/social media platform or here on the website, I mean it. When I say to Monday’s client she’s beautiful, and Wednesday’s client that she’s stunning, that doesn’t take away from Monday’s lady. No oh no! You BOTH shine in your own unique way, and you are BOTH beautiful. 2 (shit 2 million) women can all shine at the same time. Let’s recognize that one woman’s beauty or talent doesn’t take away yours. I am so fortunate to know and meet SO many beautiful women (inside and out) and that them all knowing how beautiful they are only makes this world an even brighter place!

Please, I am pleading with you, know always that your beauty, your talents, your YOU is not comparable to anyone else’s. Another woman being amazing at what she does, doesn’t take away from your amazingness. We all need to shine and allow each other to shine with us. Roses don’t take the beauty away from Tulips, they are both individually beautiful on their own. When a woman is truly okay with herself, feeling empowered, and knows her self worth, she will never dim another woman’s to make herself shine more. We are raised in a world that wants “cattiness” and a good “drama”, but girl, you are SO much more than that. Stand up, empower one another, drop that comparison game. You are beautiful in your own right, you are talented in your own right, and no one can take that away. Hold your head up high, shine, and be bold!



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Roses don’t take the beauty away from Tulips, they are both individually beautiful on their own.
— Shannon Smith