Connection, A Moment to Own My Shit

Life has a funny way of working to me. I don’t know about you, but I completely believe in the universe and it’s workings. My past few months have been about connecting and making a difference. Odd things was, while this was all going on in the background through learning about myself (I am on a constant journey to grow and learn about myself and push my boundaries), I got hit with bad sickness, as did my toddler and then I got so busy with current and past work that I just couldn’t connect with anyone on the level I wish to. My friend Tamara Brown, who guests blogs and moderates my VIP group from time to time as well, pointed this out to me tonight.. that my soul was needing some connecting. See even we who are deemed leaders or coaches of different sorts need our people to hit us with truths back to us. I don’t speak very freely with things I struggle with often, I kinda protect this around myself at times so that I don’t deem myself as letting other people down in a way… I don’t think I am at all, but it’s a personal thing really.. you know that nattering voice at the back of your head that says things that you really should just ignore. However, with my select few, I let my guards completely down and show them the vulnerable self.

I want every woman I am connected with, via as a client, a member of my FB group, a viewer on IG or a friend in my everyday life, to feel safe and secure. To feel welcome and loved and to be in an non-judgemental zone. I try my hardest to challenge people, yet not judge. I think it’s important to be challenged, to have a moment to look around and say I hear you, but that’s not what this is, because if we begin to question our feelings, our emotions, or reactions, our views, then it allows us to be sure we are on the right path or if we need a slight “correction” to move towards the path we are meant to be along.

Well Tamara and I are connected on this weird indescribable level, this one where we have been 1,000% unmasked, energy connected and brutal honest with each other since the moment we met and yet completely accepted and loved by one another as we are, in whatever state that is… that is rare to find in a person. But this girl brings honest truths to me, allows me to challenge her and her to challenge me, which I appreciate so very much… so when she says I’m not connecting.. truth is I need to look at that.. because by gosh I’m NOT connecting!

The past few months have been incredible change for me. The opening of my new studio was a busy time, getting it prepped and ready, then a surge of clients wanting to be shot in the new studio! Honestly, it’s been busy every since, which I absolutely can’t and won’t complain about, but as a one person show, I realized I couldn’t do it all on my own anymore, that things were dropping between cracks that I literally couldn’t keep closed. That I was sacrificing things like my sleep to get done, but when my body broke down and said listen Shannon, I’ve had enough, here’s 2 back sicknesses to knock you on your ass, and I’m going to make you so exhausted that you fall asleep at 7pm every night, well… you gotta listen to that very strong voice. Our bodies only have 1 job for us… to keep us alive… and I was doing everything to push that limit, and it was screaming for help. Due to the busy nature of a growing small family business, it means shifts and sacrifices have been made, but sadly some were detrimental to me, not only the physical ones I had mentioned above, but the emotional and mental drive that sustains my entire being… CONNECTION. I was on a mission to create boundaries and self-value and make sure that I wasn’t walked upon as a business owner due to my high empathy and care for my clients, but while I did that, I also pushed away the one thing that was important to me, the one thing I keep mentioning, truly connecting with my people. I put up walls so I wouldn’t get hurt, I went from one side to another, and lost balance in myself. So this is about reconnecting and refinding that balance in myself, both heart and soul.

See for me connection isn’t just something that I love to do socially, it’s not just because I’m mostly an extrovert, it’s truly because it’s my number 1 driver and strength. I do events because I want to connect, I want others to connect, and I know what the immense payoffs of connecting are. I have a FB group because I love to connect with my clients and potential clients, to make a difference, to share love and information with. I do my photography business because I love to connect with people and continue on the mission of body image and empowerment. As a stay at home mom I was going nuts not connecting with anyone and not seeing an adult face (other than my husband) for weeks or months at a time. See connection is the one thing that we all need. We all need that opportunity to be vulnerable, to share physical energy with, to simply BE with others. It’s the human connection. Did you know that loneliness is one of the main causes for depression? That women are 2x more likely to get depression? This is a top priority of why I am always sure to make room for connecting. However, while this shift occurs, as I mentioned, so much of this dropped for me. So get ready ladies! Coming your way is more events & ways to connect. There will be more authenticity & vulnerability coming your way from my soul and heart. Are you ready for this???

I want you to know clients that my mission and drive is to connect with you. It is to know who you are, to take a true interest in you. You are not just another woman in front of my lens. You are not just another member in my FB group (if you are in there), you are a woman, who I want to know more about. I want to know what makes you tick, what self image struggles you have, what is your passion, what roles do you claim and that you are passionate about? I want to know about your children, your grandchildren, and what you like to do on the weekend. I want you to know that at times I may come of quick or short, and that I don’t mean to, it’s been the result lately of trying to juggle this new space.. of being a mom, being a busy business woman, and creating art with my full energy. I want you to know that I see you, and that I take interest in YOU.

I look forward to getting to know you further, and connecting with you at events, sessions, and workshops coming this year. My goal is to see more of you, and I excited to do so!


Shannon Smith

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