5 things...

Today I realized, I haven’t told that much about myself on my blogs. So I decided I’ll let you know a few things about me. They are pretty random facts below, but I believe this will allow you to get to know me a bit more.

  1. I am a mom to a 3 year old boy. I always dreamed of being a mom so personally this was a truly fulfilling time in my life. I definitely fell in love with him the moment he was put in my arms, and I pretty much haven’t let go of him since. Many don’t know, but the pregnancy, the post partum and the after was rough for me though. I was on bed rest from 17 weeks on due to my pelvis… my c-section cauterizing blew 48 hours after surgery, leaving me in extreme pain and a 911 ambulance drive to the hospital..I still could barely walk at 1.5 yrs after he was born… and I got Post Partum Depression & Anxiety (PPD/PPA) late onset when he was around 8 months old. I do say the cliche thing though, I wouldn’t change it for the world. My son truly is the light of my world and I thank every day that he is part of our family.

  2. I used to HATE coffee, but I love it now, well let me change that… I love creamer and a bit of coffee in my creamer lol. I can’t do much until I have had that first cup in the morning now… can’t lie lol. And of course with it being fall right now, I am in total peace with Pumpkin Spice Latte’s… however soon will be Creme Brule time.. and that’s a good time too!

  3. I have always been on the fence to what my fav time of year is. I love the spring and new beginnings and the fresh air that comes as everything sparks alive outside. I love the summer and the heat and getting outside in the sun along with camping (which my family and I do every August). Then of course there’s fall, when the heat gets bearable again, yet the snow hasn’t fallen and the trees are pretty colours… that’s a lovely time too. And all the pumpkin, can’t forget the pumpkin. Oh but then there’s winter.. okay I hate winter… I hate the cold lol, but I do love snowmobiling with my family and Christmas. Okay so I’m indecisive and love all things, I think that’s what you learned there lol.

  4. I love to laugh… I laugh when I’m happy, when I find something funny, when I’m nervous, yea I laugh a lot. I bring this to sessions a lot, where I am a quite the silly person, however all my ladies tell me this is part of what makes my sessions so comfortable because I chatter away and make them laugh the whole time. That makes me feel good!

  5. Photography is the means to my message. I love it, hands down love photography. It’s about capturing the memory that is occurring, it’s a way of seeing the world (even for me) through a 3rd party viewer. It’s about taking that step back and making sure that moment lasts for a lifetime. I always have a camera in my hand, and I take way too many photos (between my phone and real camera, my family may get annoyed with me at times). I know that this role started from a labour of love many years ago, and that it won’t leave anytime soon. However I also know this… even if I wasn’t holding a camera, I would be still working on my message and empowering women. I had wanted to be a motivational speaker back in high school, and I definitely still love that today. I can’t wait to grow both sides of what I love so that I can change & empower so many more women!

    Images below taken by myself and Teri Hofford