Building Yourself at Hard Times

I had met Miss M at an event I held with Big Girl YYC, Private Burlesque Class. I was so proud of her for coming out and going to an event that was out of her comfort zone. I knew she was going through something, she told me she was, but I had no idea what at the time. 

One day Miss M contacted me for a session I still was yet to know all of her story, but I knew she needed this boost. She also told me that as a European Flourist that she was going to bring flowers, she blew my mind at the session with how many rose petals she brought! She showed up, this beautiful woman with lavender hair, I couldn't wait to photograph her. Her presence was relaxing and pleasurable. We sat there talking as I took in all that she had to say and of course was in awe of her beautiful accent. I learned that Miss M was going through a very turbulous time in her life, complete change, low self-esteem in result. She was trusting of me, she let me guide her, she was in the moment. She even had fun with me when I said, so you see that cupcake there, wanna eat it? haha, what a trooper! We had fun and many laughs while we talked a lot and shot her session. She embraced all of who she was. I couldn't be more proud of her.

I have to say, Miss M's Black Japanese Silk Folio Box and her Black Matted prints look amazing too!  I'm beyond happy that she is going to put her images on her wall and be sure that she views them every day! 

Hair & Makeup Artist: Michelle Carbonneau

Miss M's Own Words:

What was your #1 motivator in having a boudoir session with me?: I loved the prospect of getting a nice picture of me, something I can be proud of

How would you describe your session with me?: Awesome, Inspiring, Sensual

It was one of the most uplifting experiences I had in my life, especially with what I'm going through. I felt liked, sexy, sensual, empowered, beautiful and never criticized, Shannon made it so easy to pose and feel comfortable in your own skin.

When I did my shoot I was emotionally not in the best place, but Shannon made me feel me again. She was able to push my negative thoughts I had about myself and my life out of my mind and I felt on top of the world. The pictures she took made me feel so much better in my own skin, the vision she has about how to get the best out of you is remarkable. And how she gets these pictures done that you see after, well I looked like a different person. I never thought of showing me off like this, but I now I can't get enough of it. Thanks for this experience, it will stay with me for the rest of my life.

And ladies, we should never say we are too old, we are all beautiful in our own way and Shannon has the magic to show us how magnificent we are.

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