Sexy is a state of mind

Many women come to me asking me to capture their sexy. They often think they know what sexy is for them. So they practice those moves, they practice how to pose, they practice sexy. In fact, sexy has nothing to do with your body, it has nothing to do with your size, shape, age, colour, lifestyle. In fact it has nothing to do with your body at all, it has everything to do with your mind. This brings me to Jo's session.

Miss Jo called me one day and we instantly started chatting and building that connection. She expressed to me about her journey, her sudden disability that is undiagnosed. We spoke about her physical needs so I could plan her session. She wasn't ready to book then, but I knew she would soon. When the email came in that she was ready I was so excited. I wanted to show Jo how beautiful I think she is, how beautiful her body still is even if she felt she was fighting it. I could see the strength she has, not just physical but mental and emotional as well. I saw this woman transform in my group for months. I love her sense of humor and wit. She is quick, she is light-hearted, she is a ball of positivity and perseverance. She loves her people fiercely.

Jo represents many things for me, as you can see above. As I am a body diversity advocate for Confident Curves Education I am incredibly honoured to capture Jo's images as representation is key for those with disabilities. Jo has Alopecia and an undiagnosed tremor. We worked within her body and her disability was in no way a limitation, she was capable, rocked her beautiful self, and proved to herself that she is as amazing, sexy, and as beautiful as she was before. 

When Jo came she brought her best friend Shirley. It was such a pleasure to see their friendship, their connection. She helped Jo throughout the entire session, she cheered her on, we all laughed. It was a wonderful day of celebrating a wonderful woman. 

Jo, it was an incredible honour to capture your images, your journey, your beauty and personality. I am so proud of you.


Jo's Words

What was your #1 motivator in having a boudoir session with me?: I wanted to prove to myself I was strong and beautiful, it was even more important to me since I have become disabled with an illness that has still not been diagnosed. After 2 years, I feel I have become me again but I needed to prove it somehow...what a better way than getting naked in front of a stranger who is taking pictures of you? LMAO!! So I did.

How would you describe your session with me?: Fun, thrilling, exhausting

With suddenly becoming disabled, you deal with so many challenges and emotions. Stress, fear, confusion, frustration, and having to relearn how to do your everyday things in a different way takes such a toll on you, physically (obviously), mentally, spiritually, and steals your independence, and sense of self. I needed to prove I was still me...a stronger me. So I did the session with only mascara and lip gloss, I figured if I was going to do it I would do it as the bare me.

I have the most amazing support system, part of which is my wonderful friend/chosen sister Shirley. She went with me to the shoot and supported me and had as much fun as I did. After a couple minutes, it felt normal like I was just trying on clothes and preening in the mirror for myself. Shannon and Shirley were keeping me in stitches, ok I was helping too. 

It was such an empowering feeling to do this, especially when we incorporated my walker Bernie. Shannon was so understanding regarding what I wanted to say in my session that she created the perfect safe space for me to say it. Regardless of your challenges, you are strong, beautiful, sexy and an inspiration to many. I am so grateful to you, thank you.