Miss S Part 2 - Intimate Lifestyle Boudoir & Fine Nude Art

I adore capturing the softer side of a woman. What makes her HER, what little things she does, the way she moves her hair, sits with her legs crossed, plays with her necklace. These are the little minute details that only she does. That makes her feminine, natural, and sensual. You will find many of these little catches in Miss S's gallery.

Another high priority for me is capture women in implied and fine nude art images. We are told not to showcase ourselves, even to ourselves. We are told that our bodies are something to hide and often to be ashamed of. In fact, our bodies are incredible art masterpieces. When we are nude in an image there is nothing more to appreciate than ourselves, lingerie no longer a distraction, you will see that YOU are the beautiful art all along. Many women are often scared about this when I mention it, however once you see that you are in a safe non-judgemental environment you will likely find this a freeing experience. 

Miss S has been processing the session experience and what it meant for her. I'd love for you to read her works directly from her below.

The night before this shoot with Boudoir Moments by Shannon Smith, I went to a Dancing Eros inspired workshop. We explored - using free movement and ecstatic dance - through four archetypes: the maiden, the priestess, the slut, and the wild woman.

Even up until the class ended and I left the dance studio, I felt awkward about my movements, how I had existed and expressed. But the moment that I arrived home, I was buzzing with a new light and energy.

Waking up the next morning for this photo shoot, I was prepared for a usual boudoir session. Little did I know, I’d still be embodying these archetypes. This energy that I had awakened was still there.

Shannon was the perfect partner to capture this energy, on this day. I am so glad that I ended up scheduling these two empowering events so close together.

I’m preparing for some write-ups on each archetype and its connotations for me, beneath a collection of these images, because they found their way into every corner of this shoot. I had, and still have, so much to say about it all.

What is the importance of Dancing Eros, and what is the importance of a boudoir shoot?

Women need to see themselves. Truly see themselves. In order to deeply believe you are more than your body, you need to dive into it. Moving through your days laden with self-hatred or a disconnect to your core is immensely damaging. It distracts us from living out our purpose and highest truth.

True power can be so effectively tapped into by accepting, understanding, and honouring every part of your femininity. The world needs us to be at peace within ourselves, so that we can move freely and intentionally without.

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