The Realization That Intimate Photography Brings

It's been a long time since I wrote a blog, my apologies folks! I have been so busy that I had a hard time getting on here to write my thoughts. I wanted to sit down today though and express myself.

I have talked so much about boudoir and what the experience is like. It's hard to truly put that into words, because it is something you must feel to truly understand and appreciate. However, I will try my best.

A woman contacts me typically unsure on actually doing a session, like ok I am reaching out and I want info, but I'm not sure if I am ready or not. The fact that you are reaching out means you are ready! This is one of the hardest parts - reaching out and saying I want to celebrate me! To say I am ready to see what beauty you will see in me so that I can start accepting and loving me. This is something worth celebrating, this is a big move! Most women think that the women reaching out to me have it all together, have this body acceptance and love for themselves figured out and are at full cups of courage, love, acceptance, self-esteem and empowerment. The things is though, most of the woman I see are not there. It's through the action of the actual photo shoot where this starts taking place. In the journey of prepping for your session you will find a shift occur, and for it to leap during the session. Once you have your reveal, you will find that seeing yourself in a new light as I walk you through how I'd like you to practice looking at yourself, is the most transforming part. I often sit beside women as they have emotional reactions to their images. Tears and hugs are a huge part of the reveal process. I sit beside you through this because I know how emotional it can be. I know the feelings you need to process, I understand you need someone beside you. It is so very important to me that you know I am here for you, not just during the prep of your shoot, not just during the shoot, but the reveal as well. This is very important to me. 

Recently I did a session for Miss C, who blew her session out of the water. She was nervous and almost didn't come to the session, wanting to cancel she called me and said I'm not sure I can do this. We spoke through the emotions, the she did not need to EARN this. That she earned it by simply being her, alive and in this present moment. No need or requirement to lose weight, to extend herself, to go beyond her limits.. no that is not needed... simply being you, the living breathing you in this present moment is enough of a reason to have this amazing well deserved experience.

We had SO much fun during her session, so many laughs, so many discussions, so much greatness of 2 women getting to know each other. I was excited to show her the images of herself, for her to see what the rest of the world, or at least I see in her. Upon her reveal she was excited to see the images, she sat beside me giddy and excited to see them with a tiny amount of nerves and anticipation. Upon watching her video, just a highlight of a few random images, tears were rolling down her face. It ended and we hugged and cried together. She kept telling me how amazing they were, how she was beautiful. She asked me a few times if I Photoshopped her, one of my strongest values is that I do not Photoshop someone's physical shape. I skin smooth and will remove things like a bruise, but nothing more... this was all her! She finally was seeing her beauty, the first time in a long time. I am so incredibly honoured to be here for her, for her to choose me to be the one to capture her soul and beauty. 

We as women are complex, we go beyond just beauty, it's what is inside of us that makes you uniquely you and the amazing person you are! I work hard on capturing as many of those layers of you as I can during our time together, it is important to me. 

This woman not only went from the request of can my images remain private (which is always an option, you are never obligated to showcase your images) to let the world see them! How amazing is that?! 

Let's take a look shall we???