Going Deeper with Boudoir

Anyone who knows me and my boudoir business means they know I like to make people feel good, to think deeper, and to have them love themselves deeper than they do. The reason I do boudoir is not for just the artist in me that wants to show an amazing woman a pretty photo of herself. Nope not for me. I have a purpose. My purpose is to empower women. Yes to show them they are beautiful (because MOST women do not see their own beauty) but to also share with them that they are MORE than beautiful. I want to push them out of their comfort zone, to show them they are strong, courageous, brave beings that are worthy of value, worth, and that they are MORE than enough. 

The women I meet some in all various levels of their self-love journey's which is pretty neat to see. Some who have just recently found the love for themselves and are celebrating, some who are trying to accept themselves, and some who are struggling and need a 3rd party perspective.

The work I do starts long before a session is typically booked. I host a private female only group where we speak about self-love, body positivity, encouragement and so much more on a daily basis. The community and tribe is one of positivity, empowerment and a sense of sisterhood. Many women share their vulnerabilities and share more in that group than most people outside of it know. 

Due to this group I host, I knew that the woman I am about to showcase and a bit of her story, I didn't know all of it and we dove into it much further in her session, but I must say I knew it was  HUGE deal for her to book a session (enough that I screamed and jumped in the air and then cried when she contacted me). I'll be honest, I didn't know if she was going to show up that day or back out, but she showed up and I was again so proud of her because I knew all that it took for her to arrive and be there. 

Mrs R was anxious and nervous but said we were going to get this done. And boy did we ever! During makeup & hair she told Michelle and I so many parts of her life I hadn't known, the strength that we both saw was remarkable. 

I didn't know how out of her comfort zone Mrs R would allow me to push her as she is a very conservative lady with many insecurities she is working through. However she trusted me, which is such a key part of this process, and with that she let me guide her through the session. We stopped a fair amount where we spoke about images, what I saw of her, her reaction, and how proud of her I was. I felt we started a new way of thinking that day.

Upon her reveal I started with explaining to her like I do all clients, this is a time where we change the way you think, get rid of that negative mindset and start seeing the beautiful person you are to everyone else. Now I can set this up as much as I want, but it is up to the woman I am showing her images to really decide how she's going to view herself, if she can see past all that she said to herself for years or not. I wasn't sure what path Mrs R was going to take, which is typically unusual for me. As much as I loved her images, I was scared on how many she'd like or tear apart. Mrs R surprised me, and there is when I knew I made an impact. This lady told me she saw no beauty before, that people like her husband need new glasses when they say she is beautiful. Upon looking at her images she had a bit of negative self talk and we addressed it right away, corrected to how she should be viewing herself - like a friend - and moved on hoping she'd continue to make a choice to view herself and not tear herself apart. After reviewing her images she chose 24 or 37 images that she loved. That blew my mind! I was so happy to hit that number with this incredible lady. This was a HUGE step in her journey. She liked not only 1 picture of herself but 24!!! HUGE!!! 

I would now like to celebrate the woman I see in these photos. This strong, courageous, beautiful woman. With a big heart that's full of love, care, and devotion for her family. We had so many laughs and fun during the session as well, which you will see. I love that I was able to capture her genuine smiles and laughter specifically because at the end she told me "I don't smile or laugh that often, I'm a pretty serious person." You'd never know by the woman I met that day. She was so full of life, jokes, and genuine sweet soul.

Thank you for giving me the honour Mrs R for capturing your journey, your beauty and your love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. <3 f

Makeup & Hair Artist: Michelle Carbonneau: Beauty, with love

Interview with Mrs R.

I'm not someone who talks a lot and almost never about my feelings, however I had nothing about me I liked. I didn't think that anything about me is pretty/hot/sexy and it was starting to really affect my relationship with the hubby, in all areas he was getting tired of hearing me tell him he was a liar or that he needed new glasses and I was tired of hurting him. I knew I had to change so I joined the group and one night just did it...I sent a email saying yes sign me up and did it. Thought afterwards OMG what have I done! lol.
I'm not saying it's all great now or that I love all of me but I feel better. I love my eyes my weird smile and boobs good grief I keep them covered so much never really noticed them much lol. But I can say I'm trying and I can say I like parts of me and I say thank you when told I'm pretty/hot/sexy. It's a start a really good start.
Thank you Shannon and everyone in the group.