Myths and Facts About Your Session

Hi ladies!
Are you on you the fence of doing a session? Want to know what you are in store for if you book?
Well I am here today to clear up some boudoir session myths and some facts!

There are so many myths about boudoir…this really could be a novel, but let’s start with the 5 main myths that I hear often:

Top 5 Misconceptions About Boudoir

  1. I must have a significant other to do this for. WRONG! Boudoir is all about YOU getting in front of the camera. It is about YOU seeing all the sides of your personality and character. It is about YOU seeing yourself in a new perspective than you ever have before. This is all about and for you babe!

  2. I must lose or gain weight before I do this. WRONG! Boudoir, ESPECIALLY with Artist Shannon Smith, is about accepting your body and who you are TODAY. We celebrate body positivity and that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, colours and lifestyles. So it is time to go of all the societal pressures and beauty standards you have been told, and start loving who you are today!

  3. I’m not confident enough to do this. WRONG! In fact, it is IN the session that the confidence rises! When we do something that may be a bit fearful or anxiety rising for us, when we defeat the task at hand, we feel accomplished and feel amazing! Well girl this is what we will do while I guide you through the entire process!

  4. I’m a mom, my kids need to come first. WRONG! Ok well really, it’s maybe a 50/50 so let me explain. We as mom’s put everyone else’s needs first. We make them priority to the point where we put our needs, wants and desires sooo back that we actually forget that we have any needs/wants/desires and even so far back that we forget who the heck we even are besides MOM. It’s time to put yourself first by filling your cup first, honey you can NOT give all that everyone is asking of you if you do not have anything left to give. So treat yourself!

  5. I am not sexy. WRONG! Sexy isn’t what clothes you are wearing, a smoldering look or bedroom eyes. No it’s a state of mind! It’s a state of relaxing and being comfortable and most of all trusting me. Don’t worry girl, as explained below I will guide you through all the posing and looks… and you won’t feel like you are someone other than YOU.

Artist Shannon Smith

5 Facts About Your Boudoir Experience With Artist Shannon Smith

  1. You WILL have fun and laugh far more than you think! Seeing yourself in a moment of joy and laughter is important…even if it is at my expense haha. When you come in for your session we start with hair and makeup (add-on service) which is a great time to chill where you get pampered by the Makeup Artists I trust dearly and also a time where we get to chill and chat and get to know each other. This is also where I usually get to know a bit more about you and your story. So sit back, enjoy your luxury coffee and snack and enjoy being pampered during this part of the journey. Next is the session, most people think this is where you are sexy and the air is filled with that sexy atmosphere… hahaha if people only knew! It’s very chill, you usually see me pushing around furniture to capture the look I want… It’s me telling you how to pose, making you laugh at my silly jokes, and a lot of breathing. My studio dog Sam will often try to photobomb your photos and receive pets from you. Honestly, if everyone knew how fun these were and how casual they are, they’d be lined up outside my house to get in!

  2. You will enjoy getting into lingerie, even if you don’t typically like that type of thing. An amazing bodysuit and no expectations and no judgement zone is the most freeing experience. I hear more often than not that women say “I never thought I’d like wearing a [bodysuit or piece of lingerie] but you made it so easy to do and I was incredibly comfortable being half naked (or naked) in front of you.

  3. I am here to prep and guide you so you look on point for your session! I have a prep guide I send out to you about getting ready for your session, from booking to the day before. I also provide a Styling Guide for you to know what items I will not shoot, and the outfits best for you. I am also here to help you every step of the way should you have any questions. Oh and did you know that I have a Boudie Closet that you can access with over 100 outfits from size xs-6x?! I do girl! I got you covered…literally!

  4. You do NOT need to know how to pose at all! Yes I said it.. because I know you are looking at all type of inspiration on Google or Pinterest and looking at my work too, the thing is… I am a professional hun, I have put in THOUSANDS of hours learning posing for every body type, I know what will work on you and what I want to do with you. I also will see something you do naturally during the shoot that I want to expand on - on the spot inspiration! So please, relax, let me do the work and guide you from head to toe on what to do. I got you!

  5. You get to see our images on the same day! You no longer need to wait for days or many weeks to see your images! After we are done the actual photoshoot portion of your day, I will send you off to go grab some lunch for about 1.5 hours while you decompress, process and feed your body that has been working out for the last 1.5 - 2 hours. During that time I will meticulously narrow down your images from the ones I took, to a minimum of 30 outstanding images. I will edit in full 2 images and show you soft proofed/colour corrected images to chose from. Many women are often scared about what they are about to face - seeing true images of themselves - however I will walk you through the entire process allowing you and your brain to say YES I LIKE MYSELF IN PHOTOS! We will decide on the products you want to purchase, narrow down the images to such. Over the next few weeks I will edit the images in full, and once payment is complete I will order your products!

Calgary Boudoir Photographer, Shannon Smith Photography, boudoir photo shoot, lingerie photoshoot, Women's Empowerment, Body Diversity, Body Positivity, Self Love, glamour photography
Calgary Boudoir Photographer, Shannon Smith Photography, boudoir photo shoot, lingerie photoshoot, Women's Empowerment, Body Diversity, Body Positivity, Self Love, glamour photography
Calgary Boudoir Photographer, Shannon Smith Photography, boudoir photo shoot, lingerie photoshoot, Women's Empowerment, Body Diversity, Body Positivity, Self Love, glamour photography

Some Love Letters from Clients

When I was ready for my reveal, I thought for sure I wouldn’t like my images, that I would focus on all the things that I don’t like about myself, but Shannon helped my see the big picture and look at myself almost for the first time! I actually had a tough time settling on my photos, because I love so many of them.

This shoot has gifted me with so much. I feel more empowered and capable in undertaking my journey toward self acceptance. And I am starting by stripping down my layers-literally

Shannon is no regular photographer. Her fierce desire to bring self love to everyone shines through all of her communication. When I contacted her about my fears she took the time to really hear me. And while I found my own self-worth through my own journaling and conversations with myself, she provided inspiration and a sounding Board for some feelings I’d been hiding from for a long time. In the end I went through with my session and rocked it! I am completely worth it at any size. I am worth it happy, I am worth it sad, I am worth it in all my states because they are all me and I am worthy in all of them. This session really brought that to light the most. I am worth it no matter what version of me I am currently in. And when I look at my images now, the ones I know that she has not altered to be something else I can look at those images and revel in the beauty with immense pride. She has forever changed me and I will always be eternally grateful

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