Jumping into a session, Miss S's journey

Jumping off the ledge and into a world of unknown can often be scary for my clients. As a boudoir photographer who focuses on body positivity I think at times it can be a tad bit scarier as well because you are doing this for a purpose. This session investment is not just a gift for a partner (if you have a partner) but it’s an investment in who you are right now. It’s an investment in understanding that who you see in the mirror is actually not a reflection of you. All the poking and prodding in a mirror does not equate to who you are when you smile from your heart out, when you are in a moment of passion, or when you are simply being YOU. I have so many women tell me during their reveal that this was the first time they saw themselves, truly them as a whole, not just their body, not just their face, but their WHOLE self - personality and all. This to me is important.

When Miss S booked her session, she told me she wanted to capture her genuine self, but all sides of her. That her makeup she wanted to reflect her and not mask her, she wanted to me to capture her lioness, her sass, her joy, her as a person. I fully feel we did that on the day of her session.

Miss S came in for hair and makeup with Leanne, we joked and talked all together during the 1.5 hours of hair and makeup. I always try to push my ladies to being sure they book for hair and makeup, not only because it helps me edit images, but it’s a time where we get to connect, I get to learn more about your story and who you are and you get to settle those nerves and understand who I am and get a little more comfier in my presence. It also allows most women to have the pampering of getting their hair and makeup done, something many of my clients don’t get to experience on a daily basis. The makeup artists I use are phenomenal, know what I need but also know what you are about to go through as they have had their own sessions with me as well. They understand your nerves but also understand that you feeling your best is going to portray the best images possible at the next step of this journey.

I am quite the dork, I don’t say that as a bad thing, but truly I’m silly and playful and I will do whatever it takes to make you laugh during your session. The session experience is about letting go, having fun, and just enjoying being who you are. It’s about letting go of the control you must have every day in your life, and allowing me to guide you through this whole journey step by step. While I guide you, it is also important for me that you feel complete ownership over your own body at all times. While I may pose you and get you into the look I am striving for, it is important to me that you feel comfortable in every pose and of what you are doing at all times. Yes you may feel awkward because omg boudoir posing is definitely awkward and a stretch of your bodies limits, but you should never feel that internal twinge of uncomfortable deep down in your heart. I need there to be trust between the both of us.

Miss S definitely let me guide her that day, and because of that I was able to get out all of the sides of her I was looking for, some she hadn’t seen in a while. I was able to guide her to being comfortable in her body even when she wasn’t fully sure in the moment. I showed her her images during her reveal and omg she was sooooo excited and so happy about the outcome, something I definitely strive for but also truly enjoy and creates fuzzies in my own heart.

Miss S was my last session in the old studio, so it was a bit bittersweet for me as well. So while locations have now changed to the new studio, I must say that we left the old studio with a bang!

So proud of you Miss S!

Miss S in her own words

What was your #1 motivator in having a boudoir session with me?: It was important for me to feel good in my skin, to grow as a person and of all the photographers I vetted, I felt an odd connection with you. The first thing that resonated was I knew through this journey you would always be respectful.

In 3 words or less, how would you describe your session with me?: 
Powerful, Enlightening, Lovely

What did you order? Were you happy with the quality of the products?: I ordered the largest package as I felt it was most useful and complimented the work of everyone involved in them.

Would you recommend having a boudoir session to your friends?: I have and will continue to.

How often do you look at your images/product?: Daily

Would you do another session with me?: Absolutely! It was outstanding.

I chose Shannon because I predicted she would be respectful and professional during the session. I was correct in my assessment but truly Shannon went above and beyond my expectation.

The journey begins long before you hear the click of the camera. Shannon invests a lot of time and energy in each person and their motivations for heir session.

I was nervous but all fears were abated once she laughed. The photos are ones with an energy from myself I never was able to capture prior to that day. One that is relaxed as well as intense, saucy and at peace moments later. 

If a photographer were trying to capture what your heart or sole was trying to convey through the lens, it would be Shannon.

Lastly the viewing was the perfect finale to the session. Still respectful and professional though non pressure filled it truly is a gift you give yourself, in a world so eager to take.