What Is My Value Worth?

As a body positive and empowerment boudoir photographer, my mission revolves around a woman valuing herself. Many women I meet are working on this road of self worth. Self worth is YOU knowing your worth and how awesome you are WITHOUT anyone else’s approval or validation.

I will tell you upfront that I have worked on my self worth in all capacities about myself, this doesn’t mean I am perfect by any means, it simply means that I have accepted all about me - the good, the great, and the not so great. I have worked hard on understanding my value in all the roles I play, both as “Shannon”, mom, wife, photographer and business owner.

My son and I just hanging out in the kitchen, he took this photo <3  Motherhood, one of my many amazing roles!

My son and I just hanging out in the kitchen, he took this photo <3
Motherhood, one of my many amazing roles!

Let me back this up a bit shall we?

I have spent the last 2 years defining and redefining myself as a person and woman.. who am I? What are my missions and goals? What is success to me? What are my values? Now to be honest many of these are simply ingrained in me, maybe due to the way I was raised, maybe simply for who I am… but all of them needed personal work. This of course bleeds into who I am as a photographer and business owner.
These are the things that are of value to me, that to me say success, and to me are my missions and passions, both personally and professionally.

  • Empowering as many women as I can. To let them know they have a voice, that they are heard and seen.

  • To allow women to know that their body, and every body, is worthy of being valued, seen, and appreciated.

  • To build a tribe of women, who stop comparing against each other and simply love and welcome one another in the space they are in.

  • I want my family to grow and love and to have quality time. I am needed as mom and wife, and I need them too. They are my world.

I simply can’t know what to offer you and provide the best experience I can, without knowing this foundation of self worth and value for myself. When I value myself, I allow you to value YOURSELF. When I value what I do.. I allow you to value it as well.. valuing ourselves is empowering, and it really is the foundation to everything, in my humble opinion.

I have taken countless hours of education to be able to do so. I have invested in myself so that you can invest in YOU. That’s important right? I have been through this journey, I know what you are going through, and I got you!

I have the best job ever! Seriously!

Behind the scenes, taken by   Teri Hofford Photography

Behind the scenes, taken by Teri Hofford Photography

I simply have the best job in the world! I can’t express that enough! To meet amazing women such as yourself, to take their images, have them feel like a million bucks and kick start or jump their self love journey to the next level and introduce them to other amazing badass babes…like how can that get any better?!?!? When women reach out to know more about the Shannon Smith empowerment experience, they want to know all the details, like cost, what’s involved, what they get for their experience. I’d love to simply this for you today… COST is you putting yourself out there, it INVOLVES you having some courage or willingness to step out of your comfort zone, and you RECEIVE most amazing boost of confidence and self worth that you never knew possible!
Well Shannon you say.. that was NOT specific.. no I guess it’s not.. but really does anything else really matter?

The truth is that this experience is not about the images … funny to say that since I am a photographer right?? My mission is so much more than the images, the images are great, I’m not going to lie, but gosh there is SO much more about this process that has NOTHING to do with photography.

You are WORTH this experience. I will do my personal best to provide you the luxury service you are worthy of as well. I truly believe this experience needs to be about pampering yourself, a high quality service and about premier products. Because when you start to value yourself you will understand that you are worth a luxury product and experience. You are NOT cheap shit, so why are you investing in that?! Not here my dear! You will only receive the best from me and my vendors! I guarantee it! I want you to be proud of the badass empowering experience you have and be so darn proud of yourself!

To offer the best experience I can, a lot of work goes into my process as well:

  1. This begins from the moment you contact me via my contact page I will send you a booking email with in depth info as well as a full guide with all the information you need to know about a session. If you’re ready to book, you then reply to let me know, we set up the date and time.

  2. This is where we begin all the prep for your unique session! You will choose your add-on packages like Hair and Makeup Artist and/or Gloria Schwabe’s Life Coaching program. I will give you a Styling Guide to help stir those thoughts on what kind of outfits you’d like to wear (or borrow from the client closet). I will also send you a questionnaire to learn more about you and your story, where you are in your journey, and what you’d like to achieve in this session.

  3. I will check in with you a few times before your session, to see how shopping is going and if you need any help. To see how you are feeling, if those nerves kicked in and remind you why we are doing this for YOU.

  4. We have the session! Yes this day comes and it’s a morning full of nervous butterflies for most, but gosh when you get settled in that makeup chair and we sit down and chat all together all those nerves subside and you start realizing ya know what I can do this!
    I have had you this entire time for your session, babe I’m not going to let you down now! I have put thousands of hours into my education and equal amounts of dollars, I have practiced these poses over and over, I promise you right now… I got you! I do not need you to do a crash course on posing and practice in the mirror.. what you see in that mirror in your bedroom or bathroom is not what I see through my camera. I will walk and guide you through every single pose from the hairs on your head to the tips of your toes.

  5. I do same day reveals, so you do not have to wait for weeks to see your images! After your session I will send you for lunch, during this time I will take about 200-400 images and weed through meticulously to around 45-70 Images. I will fully edit 2-3 images and colour correct the rest for you to view. This takes about an 1-1.5 hrs to do, we will agree that you come back after lunch so that we can view your images together!

  6. We will speak about how you are feeling from your session and how to view your images in a body positive way. We will favourite all the images you love, choose the products you’d like to order.

  7. From this point I will take a couple weeks to fully edit all your images that you selected, order the products, blog about your session and share in my private FB group (if you’ve given permission to release your images publicly).

I have women come to me in all stages of this self love journey, some just starting, some who are in the middle somewhere needing to get to that next level, and some who are coming in with a celebrating that full love and acceptance of themselves. I LOVE this aspect of my job! How awesome is it that I get to meet all these ladies to where they are in their own self journey’s and learn about them and who they are and their story, it’s the BEST!

Are you ready to get in front of my camera? To start the process of seeing yourself as the amazing woman you currently are, in this VERY moment?

If so, head over to my Contact page, complete the form and I will start planning your session with you!

Artist Shannon Smith Group Shot