Boudoir Experience - A Self-Love, Self-Empowerment & Self-Esteem Boost

Allowing a woman to see her true beauty, possibly for the first time in her life, is one of the most amazing feelings you can imagine. Changing her mindset, how she views herself, and how she feels about herself is a process that is incredible.

I truly believe that when a woman feels powerful, purposeful, beautiful, and when she has a presence about her that emits confidence, she is unstoppable. It effects her life, but also all those around her, including myself. 

I have heard so many woman say that they feel a lack of self-confidence, lack of self-esteem, don't view themselves as beautiful, don't view themselves as worthy of good things in life or even love. This breaks my heart and tears me apart inside. I have made a vow to myself that if I can change even one woman's view of herself, to fill these voids, that I've done my job and purpose. I'm happy to say that I've changed many women's lives and that makes me incredibly fulfilled. Also makes me want to do it over and over again! 

I speak about body positivity, how to change your mindset and love yourself in my All Female Private, Boudoir Group. I've had women who never thought they'd do one of these sessions contact me to do them! I have sessions I have edited that no one but me and that woman will ever see and I have other sessions where almost every image has been shown (with permission) to my other ladies in the group. We have built a community that is surrounded by positivity, cheer-leading and empowering each other. We support each other through highs and lows. We speak about female issues, and also have a ton of fun and learn more about each other. It truly is a community of amazing women. Many of who have reached out to me to simply tell me how amazing they find my group and how it's nice to have a positive outlet and posts in their feed each day. 

When I have a woman contact me to book, we walk through her reasons for wanting a session - are you going through a life milestone? Wanting to boost your self-esteem and confidence? I take the time to explain over the phone how a session works, the way we will start and how it will end. I explain styling tips and advice and places to shop for their outfits. Does anyone else have a job where it is normal to receive text messages from women in lingerie throughout the day and night asking if it's great for their session? haha, mine! In all seriousness, I am here every step of the process, holding their hands per say through every decision.  I send out a questionnaire in regards to learning more about her and her journey and what is the driving force of her session, when I have that information I then start planning and prepping her session, sometimes month's in advance, whether it be a Luxury Glamour or a Sexy & Seductive session. One question that I love is asking women what part of their body they love, what they find beautiful about themselves (physical or characteristic), and what they least love. I love knowing what they love about themselves as I will be sure I capture this completely - whether it be personality or physical. I also like knowing what every woman dislikes about herself. But I don't want to know this so that I can HIDE it, I want to know so that I can pose it the best way possible and so that I can (if only in 1 image) make her love that part of her body, as I feel if she loves that part of her body, then she absolutely has the ability to love ALL her body! My women appreciate this and look forward (even if slightly nervous) to seeing how I will possibly show them that their tummy/bum/arms/nose/mouth will be beautiful.

Most of my sessions start with hair and makeup. I work with Professional Makeup Artists who I trust and know my needs. Michelle Carbonneau of Beauty with Love and Sandra Makarewicz of SMAK Beauty & FX are 2 of these ladies. Their talents are outstanding as well as their understanding of what these women are doing for themselves. Many clients state that the time in Hair and Makeup feels like hanging out with the girlfriends as either of these ladies are very personable, calming and fun.  Whether you're going for more of a natural look or more bold these ladies can do what you're looking for. 

After hair and makeup is done the artist leaves and then it is time for the 1:1 session with me, your photographer! My sessions last 2 hours as I find the first 15/20 min you are getting used to many different aspects, one of course being in lingerie in front of me, a complete stranger who's holding a camera at you, lol that's just not common in most woman's lives! So I do spend time explaining my directions and posing, seeing how you follow direction. Once you get more relaxed we move further and further into the session. I typically find that 1.5 hours into it is when I hit this magical spot, when you are completely comfortable in front of me, trust me, and are comfortable in your own skin. To get to this point has many factors, one being you! Throughout the session I show images from the back of my camera on what I am seeing. What I see is beauty and I want my clients to know this as well. I have countless hours of courses, such that include posing and lighting, not to mention all the business ones I've taken as well. This being said, I know how to pose you, I know what my camera sees, and I need my clients to trust me on that during posing and direction. I literally have this opportunity to watch women transform before my eyes. It is powerful. Sometimes there are tears involved in sessions, releasing of past items that held them back whether they be of past loves, comments, or self actions, the releasing of them and watching them become comfortable with who they are and knowing they are an amazing woman is the most incredible transformation.

When a woman does her reveal, I get nervous and excited. I'm nervous because this is my vulnerable portion, my art being subjected to someone else's view, especially when it is of that woman! I hope with all my heart that she not only loves the images, but sees her beauty in them! I've done Reveal sessions where there are tears fallen, for so many reasons. It is a profound experience when a woman, who has never viewed herself as beautiful or hasn't for a long time, sees her beauty. 

When a woman sees her beauty, knows her power, has self-confidence, empowerment and boosts her self-esteem, her family, her children, her extended family and friends, her community, her work, everything benefits. There is nothing more important to me than a woman knowing her worth.