I sit here tonight, with so much to say, yet not sure what to write.. funny how that is, isn't it? So let's start off with letting you know who I am and a bit about me, I know a lot about me so this shouldn't be too hard for a first blog!

I'm Shannon Smith, Mother all day every day to a wonderful readheaded blue eyed boy. You'll see him lots on here and in my portfolio as he's my in-house model who I have a lot of access to. Sometimes he requires bribes when he has photographer's child syndrome (aka not another photo mom!), like blowing bubbles or paw patrol, and some days he fully lets me take photos of him and even will say "cheese" with his funny face. I'm proud to be his mom, as I'm sure all mom's are of their children, he makes me laugh, has compassion even at just under 2 years old, and is one great kid.

I am a wife of a great man. He puts up with me holding a camera up (even if it's just my camera phone) to capture every moment and every funny and everything I find simply wonderful in life. At first he never understood why I was so obsessed with photos, why I had external hard drives full of them, a rubbermaid tote full of printed photos...now he knows.... it's me! :) I'm thankful that he is kind and patient by letting me slip away from time to time to handle business. And I love that he teases me at 2am when he wakes up in the middle of the night to find me sitting at the computer editing photos because I simply "can't stop, I'm on a roll here". He teaches me every day and pushes me out of my comfort zone, which I appreciate. 

My mornings are filled with coffee, which I never drank until I became a mom. I feel like this is an essential part of being a mom isn't it? haha. I love to laugh at almost everything, I find life can be too serious, and sometimes I take myself and life too serious if I'm not laughing. I laugh not only out of joy though, I'm one of those people who laugh out of nervousness, when I'm scared, when I simply don't know what to say, but that's me. My first sounds in life where a giggle at 6 mo old, and it's quite suiting for me really. 

I am a daughter to the most supportive and loving parents anyone could ask for. My parents are strong and have been through so much, which will probably come up in a later blog post, I am so proud of them on so many levels. They raised me in Saskatchewan with those wholesome values and morals that I attach to back there. They taught me to be a hard worker, work hard for what you want, and that I can do anything simply because I am me and of course because I'll put a hell of alot of work into making it happen. They are there any time of the day that I call, even if I am told "Shannon nothing new has happened in the past hour" lol. They taught me that compassion, empathy and being a good person will get you further ahead in life than anything else. I live each day to honour them and make them proud. 

As a photographer, I not only enjoy creating these images, it's a passion for me. This isn't a fly by night set up, this isn't a I'll try this and see if it pans out.. it's a passion! It drives me. It fills my soul. It gives me a creative outlet. It makes me feel proud. It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside when my clients love their images and I can provide their moments surrounded by a feeling of fun, love and connection from their session. To me an image is to bring you back, those memories it surrounds. This is why I love lifestyle photography. Yes I can pose you til the sun goes down, but those inbetween moments, those gentle directions that provide that true unique only you moment, those are them, those are what fill my soul. The photos where you look back at the cuts, scrapes, the smirk, the way your hand was held, and you go back to that time in life and can fondly reflect of what that time meant for you. The story that you will always remember and you can pass down to those after you. That is why I do what I do.

I have recently created "Boudoir Moments by Shannon Smith" as well. This is another soul filling aspect of my life and job. To watch women come in, transform and leave with a new found confidence and love for themselves than they had walked in having. Now THAT is fulfilling. Women are pushed in so many directions, be like this, do this, you can't do this, and oh god forbid you do THAT. But you are you, you are beautiful the way you are, the way you were intended, and you should be proud of this! Be proud of the beautiful person you are! I plan to help many women feel this way as I continue on my journey here. I was helped with this, and now I want to help others.

So that's a bit about me, the tip of the iceberg they say. I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about who I am and that you stick around and read my follow up blogs! I will be talking and sharing items such as my journey, my photography, and my sessions.