A Curvy Ladies Journey

I often get asked if I take images of curvy ladies or know how to pose them.
Let me tell you, as curvy (size 18) lady myself, I know how important it is to feel comfortable in your skin. How society tells you to not love yourself, that you're not sexy, to cover up and certainly not to touch yourself in any way shape or form.
I'm here to tell you I'm blowing that shit up right now! Everything society has tried to ingrain in your head is simply so that they can sell you B.S. products that claim to get you thinner. You are a GORGEOUS lady, simply gorgeous! Curves, feminine, you got this girl! Show it off!!!
My mission, as a fellow curvy lady, is to be sure that all the curvy ladies I have the pleasure of crossing paths with know for certain how amazing they are inside and out. 
Every woman on this planet is gorgeous, and that means you as well, whoever you are reading this, I mean YOU! 

This blog is about a lady named Miss R. She is STUNNING. She is full of personality, quick witted, and has the most enormous heart. She is a caring and devoted mother, a hard worker, a devoted woman to her partner. I must say I had the most enjoyable time with her, we laughed and talked so much. She trusted in me even when her past mindset was fighting against what I was asking her to do. We broke down walls and barriers that day, which continued further during her reveal session. This lady had a new view of herself, she saw her beauty!! Both inside and out! 

I am so fortunate to do what I do. It truly gives me the warmest fuzziest of hearts when a woman, regardless of her shape, age, or lifestyle sees her beauty! That means the world to me!

This is what she had to say about her session.

What was your #1 motivator in having a boudoir session with me?: To empower myself; Encourage others along their journey of self-love and further enhance my own journey.

In her words:

Recently I did a boudoir model shoot with an incredible photographer- Shannon Smith! 
From the moment I engaged with her I felt comfortable. When I finally met her at the shoot she not only put me at ease but was genuine, encouraging and truly a beautiful human-being. I LOVED doing the shoot. It was very empowering and a ton of fun!!!
I had the big photo reveal and......WOW!!! I absolutely am "in-love" with all of the photos. I feel like Shannon captured the many shades of who I am. I feel beautiful, confident, empowered and sexy. Damn! 

Ive chosen to post some of the photos, that are "facebook appropriate" on my personal page, as I hope that it will support others in feeling confident to express themselves, appreciate who they are and to love their bodies. 
Honestly, an experience I would encourage other women to do along their journey of self-love
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Shannon