A New Life Journey - Finding You

Often when I do a boudoir session it's because my client is going through a new life journey, such as motherhood and wanting to re-find herself. I always tell my ladies that my boudoir experience is for THEM. Capturing their beauty, their journey, building their self-esteem and getting them out of their comfort zone. This is often an act of putting yourself as a priority, stepping out of your comfort zone, and enjoying the process of finding you.

Every woman has a story. I love interacting, getting to know my clients on a deeper level and understanding their needs. 

My client, Miss T, is an amazing lady who has an incredibly journey of ups and downs.  After an incredible loss she has been on a path to re-find who SHE is and build on this. I simply believe that if you listen to her story below, you will understand.  I must say that Miss T has an incredible heart. She is a wonderful mom who has poured her heart and soul into raising 2 amazing girls. I can tell that she is a great friend to those who surround her. It was an incredible honour that the universe allowed our paths to cross.

Please read below for Miss T's interview and experience.


Interview Questions with Miss T.

What was your #1 motivator in having a boudoir session with me?: To do something for myself. Not my kids, not my friends, not because I have a partner to share this with. Just for me.

How would you describe your session with me?: Energizing, inspiring & fun!

How often do you look at your images/product?: Daily

Miss T's journey & experience in her own words:

To understand my experience, I think it's important to understand my story. After becoming a widow at the age of 37 and left alone to raise my 5 year old twin daughters, my entire world turned upside down. I had to learn to live a new life, find strength I didn't know I had and find a way to help my daughters heal from their incredible loss. Somewhere, somehow I have started discovering myself. My new self. This year I turned 40 and I'm on a path of exploration. Where will my journey lead me? This is a question I ask every day but my experience with life so far is that no matter where you think you'll end up is usually not where you land. 

I have always been interested in Boudoir photos but felt a bit selfish in considering them and honestly a little silly. Not anymore. I did this session for me. I'm proud of the woman I am still becoming and wanted to capture it with beautiful photos. Someday I will show my daughters these pictures and hope they see the role model I am trying to be for them every single day.

Thank you Shannon for bringing this out in me.