Maternity Boudoir, yes it is a thing!

For me, one of the most feminine times in my life was when I was pregnant. I felt beautiful and proud of what my body was creating and proud of my tummy, which for me was the first time in my life. I think at any stage you of life you are feminine and beautiful, so don't get me wrong here, but there is a certain acceptance of all things beautiful when it is this time in your life. 

Pregnancy is tough, it's real, and it's often scary as you are going into an unknown area of your life. It is also magical, carrying that little one within you is magical and it is a magnificent feeling. Pregnancy brings a new meaning to the word and concept "beauty".

Boudoir photography, for me, is about the basics. The beautiful bump, the glow, the radiating of joy that comes from the inside. A woman who is pregnant is of course still sensual and as mentioned feminine, so this is also to be captured. There is an amazing woman behind that bump!

I wish that all women felt like they did when pregnant (looking past the tiredness, the aches, the pressure lol), but when you are pregnant there is an acceptance to how your body has changed for most women (not all, but most). And I wish that all women were as kind to their bodies and mindset as they are when pregnant.

I was fortunate to capture this amazing woman's journey into motherhood recently. We spoke about the joys, the fears, the body changes, and of course just life in general like superhero movies! This woman is going to make an amazing mother, I can tell already.
Thank you for allowing me to capture your journey into motherhood Sarah. You were absolutely wonderful to meet and I'm so thankful that our journey's crossed paths.