Everyday Makeup 101 Workshop

Everyday Makeup 101 Workshop


Are you ready to learn makeup skills? Or take the basics you know about and expand on them? Have an updated look? Learn the fall colours for your skin and how to apply them properly?
What about skin care, did you know that many of us (our last workshop it was every single attendee) are putting on moisturizer the wrong way?

Makeup starts with skin care and works its way through many steps. While you may not apply every step everyday, or heck maybe you do!
You will gain confidence on your makeup application skills and be able to rock the look whether it’s for a simple pick me up feeling, or standing in front of a room ready to rock a presentation!

Girls who are 12+ are welcome to attend.
For the mother daughter duo’s, this is a great workshop where you get to connect and do something fun together.
Not only will you gain your own knowledge in makeup, but you will provide the skills for daughter to rock what she decides to wear confidently with an age appropriate look.

This workshop includes:
A makeup swag bag consisting of a beautiful fall coloured makeup bag filled with items like brushes, makeup samples and more!

Note: All makeup used on the workshop day will be provided to you

Date: Oct 27th Ticket Deadline: Oct 1st

Time: 11am, workshop will run around 4 hours.

Location: Shannon's Studio, Deer Ridge SE Calgary

Ticket Cost: 150 ea

Leanne also is a partner in a Luxury Mink Lash Line (they are phenomenal and we use them on every client shoot!)
If you'd like to purchase luxury mink lashes, additional $15 (reg 25). (Please no purchasing for younger girls)

This in demand workshop will only have a max of 6 women, so be sure to get your ticket before they are sold out!

Tickets are non-refundable, final purchase.

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