My son and I

My son and I

Teri  Hofford Photography

Teri Hofford Photography

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

The 2 people who are my rocks. Easter prep (aka my son was trying to get at all the chocolate lol).

The 2 people who are my rocks. Easter prep (aka my son was trying to get at all the chocolate lol).


Hey there, I'm Shannon Smith!

I am the owner of Artist Shannon Smith. I am a Body Image Coach & Activist. My journey has been one that is always evolving and I am so fortunate to be on this path with so many amazing women! I am driven, a hard-working individual, I put my all into every thing I do (to the point I may get a bit obsessed lol). I am a loving mother and wife. I believe CONNECTION is what drives us all, it’s literally how my entire world works as is the #1 motivator for why I do things the way I do them. I enjoy jumping into activities and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone as much as possible. I am all about growth and learning and teaching others as well. I am passionate, I am patient, and I am someone who enjoys talking about real topics and not just the fluff, let’s dig deep together!

Most days you can find me: Drinking my morning cup of coffee (more creamer less coffee please!), playing with my son, hanging out with my husband, and of course taking and editing images.

I am mostly known for: My giggle/laugh! I am always told that I have an infectious laugh. Typically when I'm out and about people hear my laugh and know it's me and seek me out in the location I'm at like a game of Marco Polo haha! I am really hoping this is a good thing!

People often refer to me as: A passionate person with a warm and caring heart and that I am most often happy go lucky.

I love serving the world by: Empowering women, lifting self-esteem, and showing them they are beautiful (what the rest of the world sees). I truly believe that if our women feel powerful, heard, and seen that they, their partner, children, and community are also lifted. Women are powerful, even when they need reminding of that power. 

The things I am most passionate about in life are: My family. I live and breathe for my husband and my son. They support me in creating all that I do and empower me to do what I'm passionate about. 

I work with women of all ages, sizes and lifestyles who are looking to raise their self-esteem, self-love, empower themselves, and love the skin they are in. I believe that every BODY is deserving of being captured and showcased. Every woman deserves self-love, empowerment and acceptance. 

I am so incredibly lucky to give the gift of empowerment and help women begin their journey of self-love. I adore capturing these women in all their beauty and watching them transform before my eyes during a session, but also for them to finally see themselves as beautiful when they see their images.

Features & Publications

Shannon has is a Body Diversity Advocate with Confident Curves and proud of being awarded such a title! She has taken a PLEDGE on the work and mission. With a strong belief in the mission, value, and work. Please see the pledge to the left side. Shannon has also been featured artist by Confident Curves Education.

Shannon Smith is a Do More Photographer Member 2017 & 2018. Shannon is a featured Photographer for Do More 2017 & 2018. Do More Photographers is an organization of photographers dedicated to the understanding that boudoir is an ever-evolving art form, with the mission of  continually elevating the industry. Members have a wide range of skills and experience, all coming together for shared education and community, including many of the top leaders in the industry. 
Shannon has been featured by Do More Photographer via Instagram and has work showcased on the Do More Website, an incredible honour and privilege. 

Shannon was also featured by Elite Daily Online Magazine in an article about Embracing Your Sexy.