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When was the last time you had a day to yourself? Where you were pampered with a drink, girl chat, and your makeup and hair professionally done? When was the last time you could be yourself, and celebrate who you are unapologetically? When was the last time had fun and had joy? When was the last time you saw yourself through a different perspective?

We look to celebrate you, the who you are of today. Not 10 years ago, 10 lbs less, the woman of today. You are worthy of being captured, you do not need to EARN this, you are worthy this moment, simply because you are alive and breathing. You do not need to do this for a significant other (if you have one, they can have a bonus gift if you so choose) but this should be for YOU. For you to celebrate who you are. For you to see yourself through Shannon’s eyes. For you to dive into what makes you you, while pushing your comfort zone in a safe female environment.

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Located in SE Calgary, Residential Studio in the Deer Ridge Community