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Why Boudoir?

Boudoir is liberating and fun. It allows you to see yourself, whether for the first time or if you are in a place of celebration, to see your own beauty. Boudoir is about capturing your personality, your beauty, your sensuality and femininity. We as women, as humans have so many facets, we are complex beings, and it is important to capture all of who you are.

As a Body Diversity Advocate, I strongly believe that boudoir is for all women, of any shape, size, race or lifestyle. I believe it is capturing the you NOW. You are beautiful exactly as you are today. So step out of your comfort zone. Step out of the box you have put yourself in. How amazing would it be to know inside how valuable you are? To know without anyone else's approval that you are worthy and valuable and worthy of self love? That you rock your bod, know that you did something completely badass like a boudoir session, and are shamlessly you?! How would it feel to know that you took the first step of your life to loving yourself?

You are deserving of a unique luxury experience. You are worthy of love and special attention. Now is the time to jump into your self-love journey. It is time to cherish and celebrate who you are at this moment. 

Every body is beautiful, and you are also SO much more than that.


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